Who I Am

Career marketer with 35 years of experience client-side (10 years), agency-side (12 years) and as a consultant (13 years). I don’t just do strategic digital marketing; I also write compelling copy, and develop functional, good-looking WordPress websites.

Customer- and results-focussed digital marketing strategist who has worked with clients like Virgin, the University of Toronto, and WorldVision Ireland.

Question-asker and dot-connector. As such, I don’t make assumptions (they’re always wrong) and I zoom out, check out the whole landscape and see what’s been missed.

I’ve been knocking around this planet for a while now. I’m a big fan of having lots of miles on the clock; I love the learning and wisdom that accompany them. As a “dive in first, ask questions later” person, I’ve had to wade through my fair share of muck to find my pearls of wisdom. But find them I have.

This innate curiosity about the world and how it works has driven me to change my job and move constantly over the last 35+ years. My use of change as a learning platform made me a far-from-ideal employee; I was considered a constant flight risk. But my deep and wide experience has made me an excellent consultant.

I’ve made more mistakes than I’ve had hot dinners. You know what? I’m good with that. It’s how I’ve learned so much. I also ask questions… endlessly. This drives many people nuts. But again, it makes me an excellent consultant.

Finally, I’m an unapologetic truth-teller. If the evidence from customer reviews, sales data, independent research, behavioural patterns, etc. points clearly in one direction, you’ll hear all about that from me. Even if it’s not what you want to hear. This ruffles many feathers. But again, it makes me an excellent consultant.

What People Say

What shines through working with Sarah is her deep compassion and keen intellect. She is able to take a complex situation and distill it to its essence. She is a unique talent with a strong moral compass.

Janice Hoffman

CEO, Wide Horizons for Children

Sarah understands complex situations – be they family, social or professional. She has supported me a lot across all three of these areas. She has the necessary intelligence and emotional intelligence to lead people and businesses through key periods of transformation. Thanks to her clear and thoughtful insights, I was able to make the changes I needed. I highly recommend her to those seeking to improve or change up their business or life.

Nicole Coppet

Customer Care Manager, Self-Employed

Sarah helped me to get back in touch with what I love to do, what feels good to me, and what comes naturally. With an honest eye to my true purpose and talents, I’ve been able to hone in on opportunities that will serve both my resume AND my personal goals for a meaningful, happy life. Working with her has been an eye-opening experience that will absolutely inform the way I look at my career from this day forward.

April Kemmick

Communications Manager, City of London

Let’s Talk!

If you’d like a quick chat to see if your needs match my skillset, drop me a line at sarah{at}sarahblick.com. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.