What I Do

I call myself a marketing Swiss Army Knife because I’ve got the experience and skillset of a marketing agency. Without the overhead.

How I do great work

Guesswork and personal opinion aren’t for me. I’m all about the evidence. The insights I discover from deep data analysis guide everything I do. So does creativity. I use creativity to great effect in my strategic planning. Together, insights and creativity drive great results.

I’ve worked as a Client and in agencies (advertising, design and market research). So you get the best of both worlds. I know what’s important to Clients and understand how agencies work.

I’ve observed that change drives the greatest business growth. And helping business change is a particular passion of mine. I’m not the person who will convince you to change. But, if you’d decided to change, I’ll make you delighted you did.

My Core Areas of Expertise

Data Analysis

I’m a natural dot connector. I see patterns and stories in data. I notice gaps and opportunities.

This makes me very good at leveraging data, revealing all that is there. I use this to tell your brand’s story.

I don’t spin yarns.

Customer Experience

Richard Branson really helped me understand customers and how to engage with them. And working at the world’s leading brand strategy market research company, Millward Brown, really helped me understand how people interact with brands.

This combination gives me a powerful insight into what you need to do to attract and keep customers at every touchpoint of their interactions with you.

Website Development

Websites are an essential digital marketing tool. My approach to developing them is strategic and creative. The strategic comes first: you can’t know what you’re going to create until you know why and how you’re doing it.

I’m a WordPress website developer and have experience building websites for coaching, e-commerce construction and tourism businesses.

Strategic Digital Marketing

I’m a classically-trained marketer who has kept fully up-to-date with the marketing world.

So I have all of the digital marketing skills you need. And I have one big plus. I’m highly strategic with my work. I don’t leave things to chance. I use data to inform my plans and strategies, and plans and strategies to inform my work.

Winging it is not for me.


As a process, copywriting is both strategic and creative. I both love writing and am very strategic.

I’ve written thousands of business documents, and hundreds of blog posts and articles over the years. I adapt my style to match the needs of my Clients and their audiences. I can turn even the most complex ideas into easily-understood words.

Like all writers, I’ve got a few books in the works!

How I helped these organizations change their game

Case Study

How do you increase passenger revenue when your rail network is crumbling and you can’t leverage your hugely popular brand?

Case Study

How do you increase awareness of and engagement with your 180 year-old brand when no one knows about it?

Case Study

How do you develop and own a charitable sector when you have a tiny staff and very limited budget?

What people say

Sarah is a brilliant strategist, communications specialist and marketer. She provided expert counsel on many projects during the time we worked together at the University of Toronto. I would work with her again anytime.

Rivi Frankle

AVP Development, University Advancement, Ryerson University

Sarah is a master of uncovering market and brand insights. Her ability to leverage them in strategic plans, which deliver successful long term results, is where her mastery and leadership is really demonstrated.

Sarah’s unique range of global experience, creativity and sheer passion made working with her fun and inspiring!

Barb Rodezno

Director, Strategic Communications, Marketing and Outreach - Faculty of Education , York University

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah at the University of Toronto. Sarah is a dynamic strategist that brings an invaluable breadth of marketing knowledge. It’s her diverse experience that really sets her apart – she’s done it all. She is a true brand ambassador that holds a unique talent to see her projects from insight to execution. Sarah is a change-maker that takes challenges head-on; a smart strategic thinker that comes with a creative flair, and I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to learn from her.

Anna Johnson

Marketing Project Management Professional

Let’s Talk!

If you’d like a quick chat to see if your needs match my skillset, drop me a line at sarah{at}sarahblick.com. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.