After 20 years in Ireland, World Vision (WVI) had an excellent reputation in the countries they served, but was largely unknown at home.

As a Child Sponsorship and Emergency Relief agency, they had much Irish competition in the latter area, but little in Child Sponsorship.

WVI had very ambitious growth plans: to grow their Child Sponsorship support base by 350% over the next 5 years. The inherent generosity to charities of the Irish population suggested this was possible, but the high ask (300 euros per year) and long-term commitment (10-15 years) required of Child Sponsors were both significant obstacles.

The Marketing Challenge

How do you develop and own a charitable sector when you have a tiny staff and very limited budget?

The Marketing Solution

You get very creative and extensively leverage all of your contacts!

We created a week-long promotion called Change Their World Week on Today FM, a national station with 16% share. Our target was to get 100-102 new Child Sponsors (the radio station’s frequency!). The total cost 18,407 euros (+ VAT @ 21%) (US $22,140. It ran for 5 days in August 2005.

The promo comprised:

  • 10-15 x 30” radio ads per day, voiced over by well-known and much loved personalities.
  • 1 of 3 x 10” celebrity promos per show per day, featuring platinum-selling recording artists.
  • 40” Station promos every hour. Live mentions every show by all presenters.
  • Daily update every day at 4.30pm. Banner on Home Page and page on Today FM website with link to

How it worked: If listeners were interested in sponsoring a child, they texted their names to 51500. Our telemarketing agency phoned every contact within 2 days of texting to determine their level of interest and take contact details. We then sent all interested contacts an enquiry pack within 3 days of the call.

The Results?

Listeners texted in

Wanted More Information

Became Child Sponsors


Over target