I’ve worked in non-profits, corporates, and semi-states in North America and Europe, across most product categories, as a senior leader and as a consultant, Client- and Agency-side. I have a depth and breadth of experience that is exceptional: 35 years spent in most areas of marketing and communications.

In truth, I’m like a one person marketing agency. But without the overhead.

I can help you with:

Data Analysis

Auditing sales, customer and market data to reveal key findings, and identify gaps and trends.

Strategic Digital Marketing

I can help you drive brand awareness and lead generation by using your data to create powerful plans and strategies that drive your:

  • Website
  • Digital advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • Paid Pay Per Click ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online PR

I can create your:


  • Copy – for all purposes (advertising, content, emails, social media, reports, documents)
  • Website – from cradle to grave
  • Email marketing
  • Market and Customer Research Surveys
Customer Experience

I can help you gain a deep understanding of your customers and their connection with your brand(s) at all touchpoints of their experience with you.

I can help you deepen your connection with your customers at all touchpoints of their experience with you.


I can help you use your content to engage with your customers and prospects by writing your:

  • Website copy
  • Email copy
  • Social Media copy
  • Advertising copy

I can help you use your content to engage with your internal stakeholders by writing your:

  • Reports
  • Documents
Website DEvelopment

I can help you understand how your website can work for you and maximize its effectiveness.

I can create your website from start to finish.

Non-Profit Case Study

How do you develop and own a charitable sector when you have a tiny staff and very limited budget?

What people say

Sarah is a brillliant strategist, commnications specialist and marketer. She provided expert counsel on many projects during the time we worked together at the University of Toronto. I would work with her again anytime.

Rivi Frankle

AVP Development, University Advancement, Ryerson University

Sarah is a master of uncovering market and brand insights. Her ability to leverage them in strategic plans, which deliver successful long term results, is where her mastery and leadership is really demonstrated.

Sarah’s unique range of global experience, creativity and sheer passion made working with her fun and inspiring!

Barb Rodezno

Director, Strategic Communications, Marketing and Outreach - Faculty of Education , York University

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah at the University of Toronto. Sarah is a dynamic strategist that brings an invaluable breadth of marketing knowledge. It’s her diverse experience that really sets her apart – she’s done it all. She is a true brand ambassador that holds a unique talent to see her projects from insight to execution. Sarah is a change-maker that takes challenges head-on; a smart strategic thinker that comes with a creative flair, and I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to learn from her.

Anna Johnson

Marketing Project Management Professional

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