My Work

I have worked with dozens of brands over my 35-year career, many of them are world-renowned. My work on three brands in particular stands out for me, because my impact was the greatest.

Case Studies

How do you increase passenger revenue when your rail network is crumbling and you can’t leverage your hugely popular brand?

How do you increase brand awareness of and engagement with your 180 year-old brand when no one knows about it?

How do you develop and own a charitable sector when you have a tiny staff and very limited budget?

My Writing

Why the World Needs Happy Men

It’s not your fault, men. Society has made you what you are today. It has made you wear masks that hide the real you. The sweet you. The gentle you. The vulnerable you. The soft under-bellied you.

The happy you.

9 Reasons Why Making Assumptions is Dangerous

“When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME”

I first heard these words of wisdom years ago when I was learning to drive. I’d made an assumption about what another driver was going to do. My driving instructor’s response told me my assumption was incorrect. He hit the brakes, and said those words. At the time, I didn’t fully understand what he meant, but thought it was intriguing enough to commit to memory.

These days, I get it.

Why you find it so hard to make decisions

You don’t suck at decisions. You’re afraid of making a wrong decision, a mistake.

In fact, you’re so afraid of making wrong decisions — especially the important ones, the ones that will have a meaningful impact on your life — that you do nothing. But doing nothing is actually a decision — you decide to do nothing.

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What people say

I had a pleasure of working closely with Sarah at Cara for almost a year. She is a quintessential “out of the box” multi-dimensional thinker, who can translate relevant macro and micro trends information into real terms and apply them to company’s strategy. A “go-to” researcher and analyst, which is a very rare skill these days. She loves to understand data, but more importantly, helps people across organization interpret it within the context of their business situation. On a personal note, a very interesting person to know, a “T-shaped” personality, with both deep knowledge of research and marketing field, as well as wide range of interests and in arts and culture.

Natasha Nelson

Former Chief Information Officer, Cara Operations

Sarah is fabulously creative in design and remarkably patient in execution. At the University of Toronto Sarah helped us implement a new visual identity, gave us a fresh approach to print advertising, and drafted compelling text that made complex issues accessible. As well, her fluency in new media changed our web presence. I recommend her highly.

Professor David Naylor

Former President, University of Toronto

Sarah’s time as Head of Marketing and Fundraising with World Vision Ireland really put us on the map. She has the unique ability to combine the creative with a capacity to see things through successfully and, combined with her wide experience and strategic intent, this makes her a formidable ally in attaining goals set.

Helen Keogh

Former CEO, World Vision Ireland

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