How I Work

I follow a process that is rooted in my agency past. Because it works. There’s a logical flow to it, with each stage feeding the next. By the end, your problem has a solution. One that is ready to take flight.

Key Steps Involved in Working Together

Exploratory Session

  • Content: I’ll ask you to outline your business, the marketing problem(s) you need help with, your budget, your timing. You can ask me anything you like!
  • Outcome: Are we a good fit? Do we wish to work together on this, or not?

Briefing Session

  • Content: I’ll ask you endless questions until I understand everything I need to about your business and your customers. You can continue to ask me anything you like!
  • Outcome: I’m ready to prepare a proposal for you.


  • Content: My approach, scope of work (deliverables, timeline, milestones, reports) and costs based on these.
  • Outcome: You’re ready to review my proposal.

PropOsal Session

  • Content: You ask me endless questions until you understand everything you needs to about my proposal. I may ask you to clarify my working hypothesis.
  • Outcome: You sign off on my proposal.


  • Content: I’ll send you my draft Contract for your review. You may wish to add some clauses of your own.
  • Outcome: You sign my contract. I’ll issue an invoice for 50% of the cost estimate.

Planning Session

  • Content: We’ll discuss a work plan, including roles and key dates for deliverables, and which collaboration hub (e.g. Slack) to use.
  • Outcome: Agreed plan of action.

Ongoing REview Sessions

  • Content: Review sessions and/or progress reports during project.
  • Outcome: Everyone is kept fully up-to-date on key matters.

Debrief Session

  • Content: We’ll discuss the project and working experience.
  • Outcome: You’ll have a full report containing key findings and action points. And we’ll have a sense of whether or not we’d like to work together again on another project.


If a project requires skills and deliverables that are not within my skill set (e.g. graphic design), I will recommend the right people for the job and provide their credentials and examples of their work upfront.

You can use the people I recommend or your own trusted suppliers.

My Process

Some projects will require all of these steps, and some, just a few.

Let’s Talk!

If you’d like a quick chat to see if your needs match my skillset, drop me a line at sarah{at} I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.