Hi, I’m Sarah

Strategist, marketer & fundraiser.

I help people & organizations engaged in social good increase their impact.

As a career marketer with 36 years of experience, I’m the marketing and fundraising strategist organizations seek out when they know they need to increase their impact.

The bedrock of my work is a deep understanding of my Client’s data, customers and market. The insights I discover are then creatively woven into strategic plans, and turned into marketing and fundraising that delivers.

My Services

Data Analysis

Strategic Digital Marketing

Customer Experience


Website Development

I’ve helped these organizations change their game

Why Me?

I’m the Swiss Army Knife of fundraising and  marketing consultants, with more depth and breadth of experience and expertise than most.

These days, experienced seems to mean that you’re 5-10 years into your career. At 36 years into my career, I guess I’m very, very, very experienced!

Those extra miles on the clock matter. They stand for a lot more money raised. A lot more supporters delighted. A lot more brands built. A lot more paths taken. A lot more skills learned from mistakes made.

I don’t spin you yarns. I tell you stories that emerge from your data. I connect dots that others have missed. I create plans and strategies that are rooted in your brand and its supporters.

What People Say

Sarah’s time as Head of Marketing and Fundraising with World Vision Ireland really put us on the map. She has the unique ability to combine the creative with a capacity to see things through successfully and, combined with her wide experience and strategic intent, this makes her a formidable ally in attaining goals set.

Helen Keogh

Former CEO, WorldVision Ireland

I had a pleasure of working closely with Sarah at Cara for almost a year. She is a quintessential “out of the box” multi-dimensional thinker, who can translate relevant macro and micro trends information into real terms and apply them to company’s strategy. A “go-to” researcher and analyst, which is a very rare skill these days. She loves to understand data, but more importantly, helps people across organization interpret it within the context of their business situation. On a personal note, a very interesting person to know, a “T-shaped” personality, with both deep knowledge of research and marketing field, as well as wide range of interests and in arts and culture.

Natasha Nelson

Former Chief Information Officer, Cara Operations

Sarah is passionate about discovering how and why things work and this is at the root of her successful campaigns. She has a naturally enquiring mind which, when combined with her excellent strategic skills, makes her go beyond the merely good to the great.

Alexandra Panousis

Former CEO, Starcom & Mediavest

Let’s Talk!

If you’d like a quick chat to see if your needs match my skillset, drop me a line at sarah{at}sarahblick.com. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.